We were commissioned by Baltika Breweries in Moscow to develop an interactive experience during the London Olympics in 2012, as part of the Sochi Park in Hyde Park, London. The park offered a taste of what to expect at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, to be hosted in Sochi, Russia.

Baltika 7 are not just sponsoring the 2014 Winter Olympics but are championing Russia as a whole. Promoting what the country has to offer, from great artists and places of interest, to Russia’s achievements and inspirations.

We created an engaging experience that would inspire people to visit Russia.

The result was an exciting mix of physical and interactive experiences that engage all the senses, enticing users to look at new territories and broaden their horizons, change human behaviour and to celebrate the best of Russia.

Inspired by the mountains around Sochi, the project was brought to life using 9 full HD mapped projectors, sound showers and surround sound for the environment.

Visitors triggered new content as they disovered the mountain structures.

We integrated social media and QR codes and hashtags, allowing people to feedback and share their experiences.