Updated 16.12.20

0. D.S.A.The ‘star spangled banner’ represents more than ever how DIVIDED America is today.

1. Less is Moiré.
A series of print and screen based experiments that make a lot with a little. Pinch and drag one here.

2. Proud to have developed the Title Designs for a new film by Elisha Smith-Leverock.
REJOICE RESIST premiered at Paris Fashion Week SS21.

I added a small touch to this beautiful, insightful and celebratory film.

You can see it here.

3. Working with ‘young blood’ architects on a new project.

4. Collab with Berlin Pilates Studio #supportyourlocal BUY IT HERE.

5. After a big session at R/GA, I went on to a Corona concepting session with Parasol Island

6. TOYS. Maybe my years of fatherhood will finally pay off.
This is a product from scratch. Designed to challenge pre-conceptions.

Always open to make new relationships, collaborate, build teams.

Ask a question? Make a suggestion. Happy to talk.

Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn
(1973 - ?)

In almost 20 years I have experienced all areas of Creative Direction.

My career began in the infancy of interactive media, this progressed into marketing and advertising for print and television.

Branding also played a key role.
I worked with teams that put these skills together to create focussed and fully integrated campaigns.

My specialism has taken me back to ‘the digital world’ albeit in a way that integrates storylines and experiences for brands at every communication & interaction. I like to call this 'the connected experience'.

I have been lucky to spend time at a number of respected agencies including Razorfish, Imagination, Moving Brands, Research Studios with Neville Brody, ODD, Start, Acne, VCCP and most recently Jung Von Matt in Berlin.

I am currently a freelance Creative Director and Consultant in Berlin, with a liking for all things Interactive.

I love my work and my family and this ripple effect.